Behavioural Standards at Superarts

Kindness & Respect


We want to provide an enjoyable and positive working environment, which allows our students to study to the best of their ability, develop as an individual and have fun. To make sure this happens we expect our students to behave kindly and respectfully to their peers and Superarts staff at all times.


We therefore ask all our students to follow the following standards at all times:


We will behave respectfully to all people we are involved with, our working colleagues, chaperones, Superarts staff and teachers, those involved in shows and performances, and those responsible for our care and well-being.


We will be friendly and kind towards everyone we work with and make sure we don’t exclude anybody


We will not make unkind remarks or behave in an unkind manner


We will listen to and respect the view of others


We will be helpful to everybody we work with


We will never use bad language or words that may offend others


We will never use violence, for example pushing or hitting


We will never bully anyone we work with


We will not use the internet or social media to bully, upset, persuade, any other member of Superarts past and present.