For us Superarts is something much more than a Performing Arts School -

for us it has been a way of life for decades,

providing students and the wider community

with a life enhancing, practical, & educative experience of Dance and Performance


LAUNCHING #SuperartsStayTogether

Online Zoom classes available from Sat 11th April

More classes have been added - please check the timetable

Dear Students and families,


We hope you’re all well and staying safe in these uncertain times. 


Here at Superarts we have been wondering how best to serve you all and after time of reflection we are now ready to launch #SuperartsStayTogether


We have created #SuperartsStayTogether, a programme of activities and events for all our students to practice their skills, maintain fitness, and have fun with the whole family. Plus, we’ll be going through the exam dances for the younger students to enable us to hold the examinations as soon as possible when we resume classes. 


We have lots of goodies coming up; competitions, online classes, videos, weekly activities and Friday Fun Fact Day. 


We hope all of you will participate, share with your friends and get the whole family involved - we want to see Mum and Dad dancing too!


The weekly activity will be announced each Saturday mornings starting APRIL 4th. 


Anyone and everyone are invited to take part so please help spread the word. 


We hope Mum, Dad, siblings & friends will JOIN in with the weekly activity and we look forward to seeing your videos & comments. 


Tag@superartsacademy in your posts along with the hashtag #SuperartsStayTogether



Online Zoom classes

Online classes will be available from Sat 11th April. 


Classes will be held on ZOOM, an easy platform to access and each class will last 40 minutes. 


Please find the timetable & a full description of the classes on the Superarts Academy website. (Available soon on the Superarts Academy face book page)



Further classes will be added as we go along. 


Cheaper than an Easter Egg and much better for you too!

We are charging a nominal fee of £5 per student or household per class. (Nexustonics with Susan will be £15 per person) 


Once payment has been received we will send you a meeting link, ID and password. 


For the safety of our students we will be limiting the number of participants so please book your place ASAP. 


As well as our online group classes, please note we also have a number of time slots available for 1-2-1 classes. If you are interested in a private class for your child, please email superartsacademy@superarts.co.uk to get booked in. Fees for 1-2-1 will be offered at £30 per 40 mins session.


In this time of the unknown and social distancing, let’s #SuperartsStayTogether 


All best wishes 


The Superarts Team 

Dear Parents and Students,

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, the decision was made by the government to close all school, and therefore we have no choice but to close Superarts Academy until further notice. 

In the 58 years Superarts has been running, this is the first time we’ve had to close our doors other than normal holidays. 😔

Please be assured that classes will resume as soon as possible after the Easter holidays, and when the schools go back. In the meantime we ask our students to keep practising, stretching, singing and dancing at home, and of course practising their examination dances for when we return.

Aware how hard the students have worked this term towards the examinations planned for March 28th & 29th, we now sadly, have to inform you that obviously with the academy being closed we are forced to cancel these exams dates too.

But please be assured once again, that a new date will be rescheduled for the exams, as soon as we have the green light to resume classes.

For those of you who have paid fees for the last 2 weeks of term, or for the exams, please know we will carry these funds over to the next term.

Please check our FB & Instagram pages for updates.

We wish you all well at this time, and thank you for your continuing support of Superarts. This is much appreciated. 🙏

All best wishes

Take good care,

Susan, Irene and The Superarts Team




"Superarts was never just a dance school, it was a place to escape from all that was wrong and discover all that I wanted to become. It was a building full of talent that was being sculpted and nourished to allow these performers to live out their dreams in all corners of the industry. 

Irene and Susan were instrumental in giving me the best possible foundation to go onto the next level. They give opportunities that fill you with first-hand knowledge of the industry to make you as prepared as possible. 

Superarts will always be a home and a special place to help young talent discover what they are capable of across multiple fields. To me, personally, they were so generous with the care, attention, opportunities and training, that without them, or the school as that crucial starting block, I may never have gone on to do all that I've managed to achieve". 

Superarts Star Of The Week...

OUR SUPERARTS STAR OF THE WEEK............watch this space for our new Star of the Week

Superarts Academy, affectionately known as RENIE'S, the founder being Irene Hayes BEM. Founded in 1962, Superarts is dedicated to working with children through dance and performance, and we are dedicated to the creative potential of every child regardless of race, culture, socio-economic or religious background.


This ethos is fundamental to the approach of the teachers and to the classes from jazz to tap, street to acro/gym, and musical theatre.

In a safe environment, the young people attending Superarts are given the experiences and tools to:

  • exercise and dance
  • enjoy themselves
  • identify and develop skills in dance, creativity, musicality and performance
  • experience the joy of dance and encourage a life enhancing relationship to the arts
  • explore and develop a kinetic intelligence and an understanding of how their body’s move
  • co-operate and interact with peers from different backgrounds and age-groups
  • assume some responsibility for their learning and development
  • take responsibility for their behaviour
  • develop the ability to communicate their ideas and emotions through dance
  • become aware of the importance of music and its relationship with dance
  • improve their self-confidence and develop a sense of who they are
  • explore and develop an understanding of the processes involved in creating and performing a dance piece
  • develop an awareness of healthy living and thereby healthy choices
  • challenge their perceptions in a safe and non-judgemental environment


Thus the class are fun, disciplined, challenging, interactive and most of all creative, supportive, and nourishing.


With the main focus on dance in a respectful community setting, each child’s creative potential can be explored, promoting both physical and emotional well-being.



Superarts has been active in Southwark, London for over 50 years. The founder, Irene Hayes BEM, is still principle of the school and is very actively involved. Irene works together with her daughter Susan, the Managing Director of Superarts. Between them, plus Karen Willis & James Owen,  they have over 150 years of experience in the performing arts industry. Susan herself has decades of experience of preparing, training, and managing young people, and of agency work, auditions, show production, performance, and choreography all over the world. 


We are dedicated to providing young people with life enhancing, practical, educative and uplifting experiences, and to fostering them in making a positive contribution to their future, to their family, and to the wider community.  Superarts has been developing & advancing young people's talent, potential, well-being, creativity, maturity, and confidence for over 54 years in Central London. You can read more about our aims and philosophy in our Mission Statement here.



  • Ballet & Ballet Floor Barre
  • Street & Street Jazz
  • Lyrical 
  • Tap
  • Modern
  • Musical Theatre
  • Acrobatics/Gym
  • Improvisation


We offer classes Wednesdays & Thursdays after school, and all day Saturday. Everyone from the age of 3+ is welcome!


For full information on our Classes go here.