Terms & Conditions

                         As a member of Superarts you agree to the following terms and conditions. 


       * All students commit to regular attendance

       * The parent/guardian gives Superarts permission to use photographs or videos of their child/ren for             publicitiy purposes, inclusion on our website or on any other promotional material.

       * As a member of Superarts ALL fee payments are due IN ADVANCE of classes taken 




       * BY THE TERM:    Payment for the whole term. Payment made by the end of the previous term, entitles you to a free class at the beginning of the new term. 


        * HALF TERMLY: One payment for the number of weeks before the next half term. The 2nd payment, for the weeks following the half term until end of term.

        * No refunds or credits are given in respect to missed classes, unless a doctor's letter is provided.

        * Payment of fees can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Card payment is available.

        * Tuition fees do not include costs for examinations, performances, costume hire, theatre tickets etc.


        * NON PAYMENT OF FEES - In the event of non payment, the parent must contact Susan on 07721             927714 within 24 hours. (When fees are outstanding, the situation can be highly embarassing for               the child, and we wish to avoid that at all costs.)



         (i) If there is an outstanding payment and no contact has been made to explain the situation within               24 hours, an email will be sent to you requesting immediate payment on a designated date. 

         (ii) If payment is not made on that date, your agreement with Superarts has therefore been broken.            We may then have no alternative but to ask you not to bring your child to class until all outstanding            fees are cleared.

        (iii) Should this situation repeat itself, we will have no alternative than to ask you to withdraw your child from Superarts Academy, until all fees are paid in full.



         * When registering your child/ren, the parent/guardian is responsible for informing Superarts if their child has a medical condition or any special needs. 


         * Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring Superarts has up-to-date contact details



         * The correct uniform and footwear is required to be worn for all classes. This will be a requirement after the               student's first month's attendance. (All neccessary items are available for purchase from Superarts. A                     minimum of 25% is due in advance to place an order)


          MORE INFO

         * Please ensure your child/ren arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins, to avoid any disruption and to               allow them to participate in the warm-up. This is essential to avoid injury. 


        * Due to the distress caused to students and the inconvenience to staff when late collection is made, we will            charge a fee of between £5-£20, depending on time and repetition of late collection.  


        * Students are responsible for their conduct and behaviour in the class and outside the building - please read            about this here.


        * Superarts takes no responsibility for personal items being lost. Please ensure you leave all valuables,                    money, jewellery etc at home. If your child must bring a mobile phone, please ensure all mobiles are switched off during all classes


        * Superarts reserves the right to change the timetable and fees structure at any time.